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1. Instant Greenery: The Quick Guide To Transforming Your Landscape With Ready Lawn

A lush, green lawn is often the hallmark of a well-maintained outdoor space, and achieving this vision no longer requires extensive waiting periods or complicated processes. Many people don’t have the tools, experience or time to accomplish this on their own, so they search for other options to help their situation. Enter ready lawn, also known as instant lawn, a transformative solution that provides instant greenery, saving you time and effort. 

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into what instant lawn is, explore its myriad of wonderful benefits and offer insights into maintaining this hassle-free alternative to traditional grass seeding. If you dream of having a picture-perfect lawn, keep reading to learn more.


Understanding Instant Lawn: A Flawless Lawn Ready For Your Property

Ready lawn is essentially pre-grown grass that has been cultivated on specialised farms and carefully harvested. This mature grass is rolled into convenient sections, complete with roots, ready for quick and efficient installation. Unlike traditional grass seed, which demands weeks for germination and growth, ready lawn delivers immediate results, transforming your landscape almost instantly. 

As you can imagine, there are plenty of incredible benefits that come with an instantly-ready green lawn for your home. These many advantages include:

It Saves Time. The most prominent advantage of ready lawn is its ability to provide instant results. The pre-grown grass means you don’t have to wait for seeds to sprout and mature. Once installed, you can enjoy a vibrant and established lawn without the typical waiting period associated with traditional seeding. Instant lawn is ideal for those who wish to see instant results.

Convenience And Aesthetics. Instant lawn offers unparalleled convenience and aesthetic appeal. The pre-grown grass is visually pleasing, instantly enhancing the overall appearance of your outdoor space. With ready lawn, you can enjoy all of the benefits of grass lawns without having to wait. 

Adaptability. Ready lawn offers adaptability to various landscapes. The rolls can be efficiently trimmed to fit alongside dividers or pathways, allowing for a seamless and tailored appearance. 

One wonderful benefit of grass lawns is that they can give you a space to relax, improving your mental well-being and helping you with stress management. Having an impeccably adapted lawn can really give you a place to relax and enjoy the natural magnificence of a green lawn. 


Maintaining Your Ready Lawn: A Minimalist Approach

The beauty of instant lawn extends beyond its instant appeal – it’s a low-maintenance option that allows you to enjoy a lush green lawn with minimal effort. Even after installation, upkeep is relatively easy. Here are key steps for maintaining your ready lawn:

Watering. For newly installed instant lawns, deep watering is crucial to promote root development. How much water your new lawn will need will vary depending on the season and your climate. 

Mowing. Wait until your instant lawn reaches a height of around 4 to 5 centimetres before you start mowing it. Always use sharp blades set high to avoid cutting more than 30% of the length of the grass at once for the first few cuts. Maintain regular mowing at the recommended height to keep your lawn healthy and suppress weed growth. 

Fertilising And Weed Control. You should follow recommended guidelines for fertilisation, while applying a proper amount of fertiliser and ensuring even coverage on your lawn. Weeds can be controlled with selective herbicides. 


Embrace Instant Greenery With Ready Lawn

In the realm of gardening, the allure of instant greenery cannot be overstated. Ready lawn stands as a testament to a seamless blend of convenience, aesthetics and sustainability. Whether you opt for the tailored elegance of a ready-roll lawn or the traditional approach of grass seed, the key lies in understanding your landscape’s needs and your preferences.

To transform your lawn into a flawlessly verdant oasis, consider us at Expert Turf. Our services are perfect for bringing out your lawn’s true, lush potential.

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With Expert Turf, you can enjoy a luxuriously green lawn right away.