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Lawn and Garden Irrigation

A healthy, beautiful lawn and garden needs just the right amount of water to thrive. A well-designed, automatic irrigation system will water efficiently, ensuring water is only applied to where it is needed and for the right amount of time.

An irrigation system will ensure your landscape gets the water it needs without over-or under-watering. It will use less water than hand watering and the set programmes and times will guarantee your landscape will be watered consistently even when you’re away from home.

An automatic irrigation system will maintain healthier plant life, conserve water and apply the right amount of water deeply and infrequently. A healthy, environmentally friendly lawn will lower surface temperatures during the warmest months, cooling its surroundings. In addition, lawns produce oxygen and control allergies by trapping and removing dust and dirt from the air, helping to keep it out of our homes.

We design and install quality lawn and garden irrigations systems and can produce a plan specifically designed for your property, carefully selecting the optimum sprinkler location for the most effective watering. Your irrigation system can be run through a Smartphone App allowing you to remotely control your system or based on accurate weather data, the app can fine tune your watering to suit the conditions. Rain and moisture sensors can also be installed for even more efficient watering.