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Whether you want to spruce up your home, a commercial property, sports club or government section, the team at Expert Turf will take care of all of your turf and lawn-care needs. Enjoy our quality products throughout New Zealand including grass seed, fertilisers, herbicides, lawn soil and more. Or make use of our range of services such as preparation, maintenance, irrigation and erosion control throughout the Taranaki region.

Lawn Establishment and Maintenance

A great lawn doesn’t happen on its own. The team at Expert Turf can give you the best chance at a thriving lawn from start to end. We can help you lay solid foundations for healthy grass, distribute over large and small areas and provide support to maintain a lush, green lawn.

Soil Aeration and Drainage

For large, regularly-used spaces such as sports grounds and school fields, soil aeration is an annual recommendation. Aerating the soil will help prevent surface flooding and promote growth of grass year round. We have a range of soil aeration options to suit your needs from dethatching to coring and more.

Lawn and Garden Irrigation

A healthy, beautiful lawn and garden needs just the right amount of water to thrive. A well-designed irrigation system will water efficiently, ensuring water is only applied to where it is needed and for the right amount of time. We design and install quality lawn and garden irrigations systems.

Erosion and Dust Control

Erosion and dust are both frustrating, but are entirely manageable complications. Expert Turf can assess each site and offer a range of products to control the areas at hand.

Grounds and Vegetation Maintenance

Our experienced staff can take care of mowing and vegetation control on golf courses, commercial sites, schools, large residential areas or government sites.

Synthetic Surface Maintenance

While synthetic turf surfaces don’t require any mowing, watering or fertilising, they do require some regular maintenance to keep them looking great and performing well.

We can help you enjoy a great lawn.