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Lawn Establishment and Maintenance

A great lawn doesn’t happen by accident. The team at Expert Turf can give you the best chance of achieving a thriving lawn from start to finish. We can help you lay solid foundations for healthy grass and provide support to maintain a lush, green lawn.

We will visit your property and prepare a quote to undertake your job.

Lawn Preparation

Correct ground preparation is critical to the success of your lawn. We can take care of any ground preparation work, big or small with our range of specialised equipment. We will prepare your site by supplying, spreading and compacting topsoil or removing an existing lawn or vegetation cover. We will then level your soil in preparation for your new lawn.

Lawn Laying

Instant lawn is a great option for new lawns. Instant lawn can be laid at any time of year and our team of professionals will lay out rolls of instant lawn on the prepared soil, giving you an instant established, healthy, green lawn. No job is too big or too small.


Hydroseeding is the process of spraying a mixture of grass seed, fertiliser, biodegradable mulch and water onto a prepared surface. Hydroseeding is suitable for larger residential and commercial lawns, banks and road sides. The advantage of hydroseeding compared to hand sowing is that the mulch creates an environment that provides moisture and protection to enhance germination.

Mowing Strips

Mowing strips not only look great, they will save you time and effort in your garden. Mowing strips provide an edge that allows you to achieve a clean cut when mowing your lawn. When placed between lawn and garden, they give separation and keep plants away from the lawnmower and garden materials in place. Our team of experienced installers can install both concrete and treated timber mowing strips.

Drill Seeding

Drill seeding is ideal for sowing large lawns and for undersowing existing grass. Our drill seeders range from 0.6 meters wide to 3 meters wide. Our specialised range of seeders are designed to effectively distribute seed for a thriving lawn.

Lawn Maintenance

The secret to a beautiful lawn is on-going maintenance. Healthy lawns undergo regular fertilising, spraying and repairs. Our team can provide these services or visit our shop for the products you will need to keep your lawn healthy on your own.

Lawn Maintenance Programme

A healthy lawn will add street appeal and value to your property. We offer an on-going Lawn Maintenance Programme where we fertilise, weed spray and complete renovation work as required to assist in keeping your lawn healthy and green.

Joining our lawn maintenance programme is more cost effective than engaging us to do the work separately. We have the correct equipment for the job and have certified handlers to apply chemicals that may not be available for sale to the public.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our maintenance programmes today.