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About Hydroseeding

Hydroseeding is the process of spraying a mixture of grass seed, fertiliser, biodegradable mulch and water onto a prepared surface. Hydroseeding is suitable for residential and commercial lawns, roadsides and banks. It is also used to control dust and erosion and even the most challenging soil types can be hydroseeded. Discover how hydroseeding could work for you in the information below.


Hydroseeding is a cost effective option for obtaining a new lawn over larger areas. We use only a premium blend of Dwarf Rye and Fine Fescue grass seed in our hydroseed mix or we can apply a blend of your choice. The sprayed on mulch bonds to the prepared soil to withstand wind and regular rainfall. The combination of mulch and fertiliser creates an ideal environment for the seed to germinate.

Our price to hydroseed a lawn area of 300m² or larger is $4.00/m² (excluding GST)

Our price to hydroseed a lawn area less than 300m² is $1,200.00 (excluding GST)

A travel charge will apply to sites outside the New Plymouth/Bell Block/Waitara urban areas of $3.00/km (excluding GST)


We can hydroseed almost any bank, big or small, including those that are clay, papa mud or sandstone. The seed we use is selected to suit the application and extra products are included to make the mix extra tacky to ensure it adheres well to the surface.

Our price to hydroseed a bank that is 600m² or larger is $2.00/m² (excluding GST)

Our price to hydroseed a bank that is less than 600m² is $1,200.00 (excluding GST)

A travel charge will apply to sites outside the New Plymouth/Bell Block/Waitara urban areas of $3.00/km (excluding GST)


We hydroseed the sides of roads and banks for civil contractors following the installation of new roads or after road alterations or repairs. We apply a high rate of seed in our mix to ensure a good result is achieved and very large areas are no problem.

Dust Control

Dust causes problems on many construction sites and is a health and safety issue that can leave you open to not only complaints from neighbours and passers by but also abatement notices from the local authority. Using our hydroseeding unit, we apply a slurry that forms a cap over the ground to prevent windblown dust.

Enquire about Hydroseeding


    Hydroseeding can be used as an alternate daily cover for landfills. Applying a blend of special polymars allows good adhesion to the tip face which seals off odours and keeps vermin out. As hydroseeding applies only a very thin cover layer it results in prolonging the life of the landfill as opposed to applying a layer of soil.

    Slips and Erosion Control

    When it comes to erosion and slips, each site is different and there is a range of products available. To control erosion fast and cost effectively we use Flexterra®. Flexterra contains superior tackifiers to bond directly to the soil upon application. It can grow vegetation eight times faster than bare soil.

    ProGanics™ Biotic Soil Media™ is a topsoil alternative that accelerates the development of depleted soils or substrates. Proganics can be sprayed over any type of soil and provides an abundant source of organic matter where topsoil is not available.

    When combining Progranics and Flexterra, nothing matches their ability to immediately control erosion and quickly establish vegetation.

    If you’re interested in our range of products and would like more information or want to book a job, please fill out our Enquiry Form and a member of the Expert Turf team will get back to you.