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Synthetic Surface Maintenance

While synthetic turf surfaces don’t require any mowing, watering or fertilising, they do require some regular maintenance to keep them looking great and performing well.


Over time weeds, moss, lichen and algae can grow on the surface and decomposing vegetation and biological materials can build up in the infill. If left, these organisms can start to grow. We can groom your synthetic turf with our top-of-the-range synthetic turf cleaner to clean the infill and lift the pile, with a power broom for the tighter areas and sprayers to treat the surface. Regular cleaning will prevent the growth of these organisms on your synthetic surface.

Synthetic turf sports surfaces build up other nasties in the infill such as dead skin and body fluids. A minimum of two cleans per year are recommended to maintain hygiene levels. Higher use surfaces will require more frequent cleaning. Regular maintenance will increase the life of the sports surface by up to 25% and will greatly improve the playing area.

We can groom any brand and any variety of synthetic turf including those with sand, rubber or cork infills or those with no infill. Surfaces with a sand infill should be topped up with new sand annually. We can take care of this for you.

Synthetic Maintenance Programme

Keeping your synthetic surface clean and groomed is vital to the life of your product. We offer an on-going Synthetic Surface Maintenance Programme for home lawns, schools, sports clubs and local councils.

Our maintenance programme will cover deep cleaning, weed spraying and treatments for moss, algae and slime. We offer different programmes to suit the requirements of your surface and your budget.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our maintenance programmes today.