Instant Lawn

Our instant lawn is supplied to you growing in rich, black topsoil. Thanks to Taranaki Maunga, our topsoil is known for being among the most beautiful and nutrient rich soil in New Zealand. The topsoil directly below your lawn is the most vital for producing a healthy, mature grass of outstanding quality.

Grown by a team of qualified turf professionals, our instant lawn will enhance your property and add instant street appeal – creating a space that you can enjoy and be proud of.

With the ability to be laid at any time of year, instant lawn is the obvious solution to transforming your landscape into a carpet of lush, green lawn.

All lawn varieties will perform well and stay looking great with regular maintenance.

Dwarf Rye/Fine Fescue blend (available)

The combination of these seed types produces a high density, fine textured, versatile grass suitable for most situations. Its hardwearing factor is great for the family and the intertwining finer grass gives an appealing look with a soft feel underfoot. This blend is suitable for both full sun and semi-shade conditions.

Tall Fescue (available)

Tall Fescue is a dark green grass with a broad, flat leaf. It forms a thick sward of grass that copes well in high traffic areas and is great for kids to play on. It wears well, has good drought and shade tolerance and is less susceptible to damage from insects and grubs. The dark colour and textured look work well in landscapes where a deep contrast is sought. Tall Fescue must be mown high (50-75mm) to maintain its premium condition.

Fine Fescue (currently unavailable)

Fine fescue is characterised by its very fine, round leaf. This produces a thick sward of grass that is very soft underfoot and grows well in semi-shady spaces. Fine fescue is the recommended grass in areas where there is a problem with foreign grass weeds as it is the only grass tolerant to the herbicide used in their control.

Enquire about Instant Lawn

    Instant Lawn Pick Up

    If you can pick up your order of instant lawn our price to supply is:

    $12.00/m² (including GST)

    Please give 24 hours notice of orders. Payment is due on or prior to pick up. We accept payment by cash, EFTPOS, Visa, MasterCard and Direct Credit.

    Larger turf orders are received on a pallet. Pallets can hold around 50 square metres of instant lawn. A bond of $40.00 is payable for each pallet and will be refunded when the pallet is returned to us within three months. Please return your pallet during opening hours.

    A trailer measuring a minimum 1.25m x 1.25m is required to hold one pallet. Legally strops should be used to tie down your load and please ensure your vehicle is allowed to tow the laden weight. A full pallet of instant lawn can weigh up to 1 tonne during the winter months. You’ll need to include the weight of your trailer when assessing your vehicle towing weight.

    If you need your turf delivered in Taranaki we recommend using Mainfreight who can offer both tail lift or hiab deliveries. Please contact us for a price to make a delivery to you.

    Instant Lawn Delivery

    Our price to supply and deliver instant lawn to an urban address in Auckland, Tauranga, Rotorua, Wanganui, Palmerston North or Wellington is:

    20m² or more             $16.00/m² (including GST)

    Less than 20m²          $320.00 (including GST)

    These prices include the instant lawn, pallet, delivery and GST – there are no hidden extras.

    We can deliver to other areas around the North Island. Outlying areas of the bigger cities, towns and rural areas may cost a little more. Please complete the enquiry form for a price to deliver to you.

    Payment is due prior to your order being processed. We accept payment by Direct Credit (internet banking or phone banking), Visa and MasterCard. Please place your order two days before your delivery date.

    Our turf is delivered to you on a large truck. If you know your delivery address is a bit tight or your street is very steep, please advise when ordering so we can make alternative arrangements. If you fail to tell us there will be delays in delivering your order.


    Our instant lawn is sold in 1 square metre rolls measuring approximately 450mm wide by 2.2m long. Instant lawn is available for pick up from our shop at 63 Pohutukawa Place, Bell Block, New Plymouth. It can also be shipped to towns and cities around the North Island. 

    To make an order, fill out our Enquiry Form or contact us.

    Please note, all instant lawn sold is non-exchangeable and non-refundable. Orders cancelled after the instant lawn has been cut are payable in full. Instant lawn is supplied to you in perfect, living condition. Once delivered it is your responsibility to maintain it. Please read all of the care and maintainenance information to ensure a healthy, thriving lawn. Sales of instant lawn are subject to our Terms and Conditions of Trade. A full version of our Terms and Conditions of Trade can be downloaded here.

    Preparation and Installation

    Please follow these lawn preparation and laying instructions to assist you in achieving a professional result. Feel free to contact us if you need any advice.

    When to lay a new lawn

    Unlike sowing, instant lawn can be laid at any time of year. Lay instant lawn after hard landscaping is complete i.e. driveways, paths, mowing strips, etc.


    Spray out any existing vegetation with a non-residual herbicide such as Roundup. A repeat application two weeks later may be necessary to achieve an adequate result. For removal of an existing lawn we recommend using a spade or hiring a contractor to cut it off with a turf cutter.

    Clear the site of all debris including sticks, stones, and old weeds and grass, and cultivate the soil to a depth of 100mm by either digging or using a rotary hoe.

    Level the site with a rake taking care not to remove too much topsoil from any one area. Ideally, a minimum of 100mm of topsoil should be maintained across the site.

    Consolidate the soil by tramping down by foot or using a light garden roller. Add soil if necessary and rake again to achieve a very smooth finish allowing 0-5mm at the outer edges for the thickness of the turf. The ideal final surface should be firm to walk on, leaving a footprint but no indentation.

    Please discuss with us any lawn problems such as the presence of difficult to control grass weeds like paspalum, or difficult ground conditions such as poor water penetration. It is best if these are resolved before laying your new instant lawn.

    The preparation stage is vital to the finished result. Poorly prepared ground may produce an untidy finish or compromise the long-term survival of the lawn.


    You are now ready to place your order for instant lawn, fertiliser and during summer months, wetting agent.


    Try to lay your instant lawn immediately after receiving it. In hot weather try to keep unlaid lawn in a shaded area. If necessary, it can last for 2-3 days.

    Apply an approved fertiliser over the soil to stimulate the root growth of the turf. Exercise caution as some fertilisers may burn the delicate new roots.

    Lay your instant lawn in a staggered fashion and always in the same direction. Begin at a straight edge if possible, and do not try to bend around corners. Butt all edges and ends together firmly but without stretching the turf. Trim away surplus turf with a sharp knife. Avoid laying small strips at outer edges as they will not retain moisture well and avoid walking too much over newly laid turf – use boards if necessary.

    Roll your new lawn with a light garden roller or press down by foot to ensure good contact between the turf and the soil, paying particular attention to joins.

    Water your instant lawn within 30 minutes of laying in hot conditions. Once laying is complete water your new lawn thoroughly to a depth of 15cm (about 20 minutes). During warmer months apply a wetting agent over the lawn to hold the water in the turf profile.

    After Care

    Your instant lawn has been supplied to you in perfect, living condition. It is now your responsibility to keep it alive and we are here to help. Contact us for advice and products. After laying your instant lawn try to keep off it for the first two weeks to allow it to establish and follow these instructions.


    Water is vital to the success of your new lawn. Maintain thorough watering until firmly rooted and pay particular attention near concrete areas that will draw moisture from the lawn. In winter minimal watering is required but during warmer months apply water for 20-30 minutes morning and evening each day for the first 14 days. In very hot conditions increase this to 20-30 minutes three or four times a day. Watering can then be gradually reduced to every 3-7 days in the summer. No further watering is required in the cooler months.

    If there are any signs of your lawn drying out or shrinking it is not getting enough water. Apply water immediately. Once these areas die they cannot be revived and will need replacing. These problems do not exist on well-watered lawns. They are a result of poor irrigation during summer months.


    Different varieties of grass need to be mown at different heights to keep the grass healthy and looking great. Always use a catcher and ensure mower blades are sharp.

    Dwarf Rye/Fine Fescue | Fine Fescue

    Mowing should take place when the grass is firmly rooted and reaches 40-50mm high. This can occur anytime from one week after laying depending on the time of year. Trim lightly and gradually lower the blades to an ideal cutting height of 25-30mm. Mow regularly and try not to remove more than a third of the growth at any time. Maintaining regular mowing will encourage the growth of a denser lawn whereas infrequent mowing will create a thinner sward that will allow the invasion of weeds and moss.

    Tall Fescue

    Mow Tall Fescue two weeks after laying or sooner if it has grown rapidly. Mow down to an ideal cutting height of 60mm or the highest setting on your mower. It is important to mow Tall Fescue higher than other grasses. If you mow it too short it will die. Tall Fescue prefers a longer period between mows to keep it healthy. Ensure mower blades are sharp as blunt blades will damage the end of the leaf and leave an untidy finish.


    A high- quality, slow-release fertiliser should be applied after 4-6 weeks when grass growth slows and your lawn begins to fade. Once your lawn is established, maintain regular feeding. Enquire about the best fertiliser to use on your lawn. Be sure to read all instructions carefully and apply fertiliser accordingly.

    We recommend using a fertiliser spreader to ensure an even application.

    Weed control

    Our lawn is supplied to you treated and weed free. However, weeds will appear in your lawn due to dormant weeds in the ground or through wind, birds or contaminated lawnmowers.

    Established lawns can be treated with a selective weed killer anytime during active growth but during periods of drought the weed killer will not be effective and may scorch the lawn.

    For on going weed control we recommend you see us for accurate advice on chemicals and spraying practices.