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4. Ready Lawn Revolution: Simplifying the Path to a Lush, Vibrant Garden

When most people picture the perfect residential home, their mental image usually has a beautiful green lawn – and in 2024, having a stunning green oasis on your NZ property has never been easier. Why? Because ready lawn, also known as instant lawn, makes the process fast and rewarding.


What Is Instant Lawn?

Instant lawn is pre-grown grass that is grown in an ideal environment with nutrient-rich soil, harvested and then rolled up for easy transport and installation. While traditional seeding methods can take weeks to establish a beautiful lawn, instant lawn does so instantly. 

As you can imagine, ready lawn comes with so many advantages for NZ homeowners:

Immediate Results. The most prominent and obvious advantage of instant lawn is fast results. Instead of waiting weeks for seed to transform into a beautiful lawn, the rolled-up instant lawn can be rolled out and installed for a quick, beautiful and beneficial green space.

Superior Quality. With instant lawn, you don’t have to sacrifice quality to save time – these lawns are grown in ideal conditions with amazing professional care to ensure they’re healthy, beautiful and hardy. You’re not just getting immediate results; you’re getting magnificent, high-quality results. The ready lawn we use at Expert Turf is grown in rich, black topsoil that’s renowned for its nutrient density.

All The Benefits Of Traditional Lawns. Of course, you can enjoy all of the inherent benefits that come with traditional lawns – only faster. Lawns can improve your air quality, help you destress and add to your property’s visual appeal.

Easy Maintenance. Instant lawns are relatively easy to maintain, especially when compared to seeded lawns that are still growing. Since your lawn will arrive fully mature, it will generally only need basic care like watering and mowing. Easy maintenance means you’ll need to spend less time and energy on keeping your lovely lawn beautiful.

Cost-Effective. While the initial cost of an instant lawn may seem intimidating, it can be more cost-effective in the long run. Seeding requires ongoing care and expenses pertaining to water, fertiliser, weed control and more. Additionally, your grass may come in patchy, meaning you might need to re-seed certain areas. With an instant lawn, you get an instant, even lawn from the start.


Preparing For, Installing And Maintaining Your Vibrant Instant Lawn

While ready lawn is a straightforward option, you’ll still want to act properly to optimise your lawn’s potential. This will include adequate preparation, installation and maintenance. If you don’t have much experience with lawn care, no worries;
we at Expert Turf can help with our lawn establishment and maintenance services.

Preparation. Thorough preparation work is key to the success of your gorgeous instant lawn. First, your site will need to be cleared of any debris, such as sticks, stones and old vegetation. The soil will need to be cultivated to a depth of 100mm. Ideally, you will have a minimum of 100mm of topsoil over your site.

Next, the site will need to be levelled with a rake to ensure a smooth surface. The soil must be consolidated by tramping it down or using a light garden roller to create a firm base for the new lawn.

Ordering. Once your site is ready and prepared, you can place your order for your wonderful new ready lawn. Remember to also order any additional supplies that you’ll need to adequately care for it, such as fertilisers or lawn care tools.

Laying The Lawn. It’s best to lay the lawn immediately to prevent it from deteriorating. The lawn should be laid in a staggered fashion and in the same direction, and any extra lawn can be cut away with a sharp knife. Butt all edges and ends together well, and avoid laying small strips at the edges of your lawn as this can result in them quickly drying out.

Once your lawn is laid, it should be rolled with a garden roller or pressed down manually to ensure good contact between the new turf and the underlying soil. Then, water it thoroughly within half an hour of laying, and continue to deeply water it during the first two weeks in warmer months.

Ongoing Maintenance. Watering is very important for the health and beauty of your new lawn. The use of oscillating sprinklers will ensure even coverage. You can begin mowing your ready lawn once it reaches a height of 40-50mm.


Establishing A Gorgeous Green Lawn For Your NZ Property

Speak to us at Expert Turf, and we can explore our services together to see how we can help you.
Along with lawn establishment and maintenance, we also specialise in soil aeration and drainage, erosion and dust control, synthetic surface maintenance and more.

Ready to talk? Call us on 0800 755 4022 to reach our team.

Expert Turf: With a ready lawn, you can enjoy instant results and instant satisfaction.