Expert Turf  - Instant Lawn Turf | Taranaki, Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington


We grow three varieties of instant lawn for many different conditions and applications.

Dwarf Rye/Fine Fescue blend (available)

The combination of these seed types produces a high density, fine textured, versatile grass suitable for most situations. Its hard-wearing factor is great for the family and the intertwining finer grass gives an appealing look with a soft feel underfoot. This blend is suitable for both full sun and semi-shade conditions. 


Tall Fescue/Fine Fescue blend (available)

Tall Fescue is a dark green grass with a broad, flat leaf. It forms a thick sward of grass that copes well in high traffic areas and is great for kids to play on. It wears well, has good drought and shade tolerance and is less suseptable to damage from insects and grubs. The dark colour and textured look work well in landscapes where a deep contrast is sought. Tall Fescue must be mown high (40-50mm) to maintain its premium condition and it is beneficial to regularly apply pre-emergent sprays or fertilisers to control foreign grasses and selected weeds.


Fine Fescue (available)

Fine fescue is characterised by its very fine, round leaf. This produces a thick sward of grass that is very soft underfoot and grows well in shady spaces. Fine fescue is the recommended grass in areas where there is a problem with grass weeds and unwanted kikuya as it is the only grass tolerant to the herbicide used in their control.


All lawn varieties will perform well and stay looking great with regular maintenance.